A Guide To Packing For Your Move

Proper Packing for a Successful Furniture Removal

In preparing for your furniture removal, packing cartons is probably the single most time consuming task that you will undertake. Sometimes you may get frustrated and may be eager to get it over and done with as soon as possible. While it may frustrating, if you ask any furniture removalist they'll tell you that one of the biggest keys to a successful move is the proper packing your removal cartons.

When you buy brand new furniture or homewares, it usually comes extremely well wrapped in purpose built cartons and packaging. This is because transport is inherently a rough process for your furniture to go through - no matter how good your removalist. No matter the method of transport, your furniture is exposed to movement and vibrations whilst in transit. Once you have discarded the original packaging for your furniture it is likely that it can never be packed as well again. In preparing for your furniture removal keep in mind how well your furniture was wrapped when you bought it and why, so that you will have the drive to pack your removal cartons with the best of care you possibly can.

The information you find here will ensure that your furniture is as well protected as possible during your furniture removal.

Furniture Removal Packing Supplies

The safest way to move smaller items is in specialist furniture removal cartons. Removal cartons, sometimes called tea chest cartons, are sturdy and always the best choice. Due to their uniform size and rigidity, they are well suited for stacking inside the furniture removal truck.

There are many types of removal cartons, but the most commonly used is called a "Standard Removal Carton" (also commonly referred to as a "Tea-Chest". A Standard Removal Carton measures approximately 60x40x40mm and can be found at most self-storage facilities.

In most major metropolitan locations we can supply all your furniture removal packing supplies. See our "Additional Furniture Removal Services" page for more information on what moving supplies we stock.

What to Pack and When

We always recommend that you start packing for your furniture removal well in advance of moving day. If you work during the day and you're moving an entire house it can take weeks to get everything packed properly. If you leave it all to the last minute it's likely that the cartons won't be packed as well!

We would recommend that you pack on a room-by-room basis where possible. Packing in this fashion can make the experience less overwhelming. It's usually best to start with the least used rooms in the house before moving on to the most frequently used. This will mean that it's less likely that you'll pack things you'll need later.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to unpack and repack items that you've already sealed. Make sure that you:
  • Leave enough items in the kitchen for yourself and a couple of visitors who may pop over to help you out.
  • Pack basic tools last. Consider leaving out a couple of screwdrivers, hex/allen keys, a hammer, wrench, and anything else you'll need to disassemble your furniture.
  • Leave essential cleaning products until last. Don't bother vacuuming the floors until your furniture has been removed.
  • Importantly, keep a first aid kit handy. You'll potentially be using tools, box cutters, moving heavy items and performing other tasks that may result in injury. You don't want to have to empty a dozen boxes to find a band-aid!
  • Keep enough toys out to keep the kids occupied and happy while you're packing.

Consider Furniture Removal Pre-Packing Services

If you're looking at moving we would recommend that you consider specialist pre-packing services. Most furniture removalists, including us, provide specialist pre-packing services where your removalist will pack your boxes for you prior to the move.

We understand that moving can be expensive, and while it may be an additional cost that you're not looking for, a specialist pre-pack can cut down on the time and financial costs of your furniture removal. Having your boxes professionally packed takes much less time and reduces the risk of damaging your prized possessions. Some Transit Protection Options have limitations on the coverage of owner packed cartons.

Find out more about our "Furniture Removal Packing Services"

General Packing Tips:
  • Unbreakables, such as clothes, linen and towels can be packed in heavy duty garbage bags (consider double-bagging), suitcases, or coloured stripe bags.
  • Don't over-pack your boxes - broken items cost more than what you'll save in space!
  • Don't pack important documents, irreplaceable jewellery or other valuables. These should always be carried on your person.
  • Do label every box with your name, job reference number, the destination, if the items inside are fragile, and which room in the house the carton is meant for and something to describe the contents of the carton.

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