Prepacking Services
Pre-packing before the move

Specialist prepacking - Just another way that we can help to make your move easier! Although this service is optional, we strongly recommend that you consider our specialist packing service in preparation for your move.

Your prized possessions are at a much higher level of risk when they are in transit and having them packed professionally utilising our quality packing supplies will give them a markedly better chance of making it through the move safely. Please note that some Transit Protection Policies exclude coverage for owner packed cartons, but include cartons packed by us.

Having your goods packed by us can save you a lot of time and effort - helping to ease the burden of what is often a stressful time. We have expert staff nationwide who can assist with all of your packaging requirements, so when you are making your booking please bear in mind our prepacking service.

Like to pack your own cartons but don't know where to get them from? We can even help you there. If you have a booking with us we can arrange to have cartons and other packing materials delivered direct to your door! Simply email us when you have made your booking and we can arrange this for you.

Following is our list of rates for the supply & packing of various carton types:

Picture Cartons
1040 x 75 x 775
Book|Wine Cartons cheap Book Cartons
405 x 300 x 430
Standard Tea Ceast Cartons cheap Standard Cartons
400 x 400 x 600
Porta Robes PortaRobes
595 x 475 x 1100
Ideal for keeping your pictures and mirrors in perfect condition Sturdy and great for books and heavier items The Tea-Chest: Best all round packing carton Portable wardrobes - the best way to transport your hanging clothes

Carton and Pre-Packing prices are supplied with your quote unless the service is not available in your area.
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