Transit Protection Options

Why Consider Transit Protection (TP) Options?

Do you have coverage for your personal items whilst they are in the relative safety of your own home? You don't really think that anything will happen, but understand that you should cover yourself just to be on the safe side. In considering whether to include TP with your booking, consider the higher level of risk your belongings are placed under whilst they are in transit. The necessity soon becomes clear!

Some companies will roll the cost of TP into your removal price. They provide one standard level of coverage for everyone. We understand that your circumstances may be different from the next guy, so we offer a tiered system that allows you to choose an option that provides the level of coverage YOU need.

How Do You Select a Level of Coverage?

In order to take out one of our Transit Protection Options, all you need to do is enter your nominated consignment value in the box next to your chosen level of cover on the Bookings Page (where you enter your full pickup and delivery details). If you already have a booking and you can no longer update your details online, simply give us a call or make contact by chat or email any time before pickup and we will add it to your booking for you.

Please also refer to the draft terms of service accompanying our quotation for more information.

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