Australia-Wide Furniture Storage Services
Do you need to move out but haven't yet found somewhere to move in? Don't get the keys to your new place for a while? Making use of our nationwide storage facilities may be the answer that you are looking for.

We have storage facilities in all major cities and can arrange for our removalists to place your goods into our storage to be delivered at a later date when you get things finalised.

As you can appreciate your goods will be stored along with other clients and for the safety of both yours and other clients goods we do not allow public access to our storage facilities. As this is the case, redelivery charges do apply. Prices for both storage and redelivery differ depending on the size of the load and we can provide you with this information at the time of booking.

Our storage options can help to relieve the pressure of having to find a new place fast and we generally only need a couple of days notice to organise one of our local trucks to deliver it out of store. So, when deciding to move with us please keep in mind our storage options.
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