Self Load Container Services

It's mostly cheaper to get a backload or even a full service container load removal, than to try and use a self load container. And with a backload you can still help the drivers if you like. You can help by bringing stuff out to the truck whilst they are loading and you can help carry the smaller things back inside at the other end to make it easier for everyone.

Why is it cheaper to use a backload, you may be asking ?

Well, there was a time when we actively promoted the self load container option ourselves. (At least that way if there's damages, you've only got yourself to blame) However we found that for the cost of getting a container to the premises (say $250), and then picking it up again... (say another $250) it was cheaper to have two removalist on site loading for 4 or 5 hours.

That also saved the 'hidden' costs of stocking the container with blankets that cost about $15 each, worrying about whether the blankets would all be returned, customers having to contact councils to apply (and pay) for permits to leave containers on the street, ensuring there were no overhanging trees, arranging flashing lights at night..and whatever other issues that don't quite come to mind right now.

Removalists are also likely to fit more onto a container. They might only use one container, where you might have some leftovers to deal with. Maybe. Maybe not! Self Loads can be a lot of mucking around for no real benefit. At least thats how we see it now.

Oh yes. There's also winching the container up and down a tilt tray and hoping everything you've stacked nicely doesn't just fall over.

Having said that, self load containers do have their place. Not so much to save money, but more in situations where the goods to be loaded aren't all ready at once. For example when you are loading out of a warehouse, shed or house, and everything needs to be sorted along the way, with some of it maybe being thrown out or sent elsewhere.

If you still want a price after reading this, just go to our Furniture Removal Quote inventory , and enter 37 Cubic metres into the 'Van size as selected by cubic metres (CuM)' section.

Then click 'get price', and your price will be emailed to you in about 5 minutes. It'll be the same price whether we load it or we bring you a container for you to load and for us to pickup when you are done (and the same at the other end)

You could, if you wanted to, also enter a list of the items you've got to go at the same time, and get both prices at once. That way you can compare quotes.
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