The first thing to note about any 'review' that is allegedly about us, is that there are so many companies with 'backloads' in their name these days, that at least half the stories attributed to us have nothing to do with us at all. Everybody seems to be getting everybody mixed up with everybody else.

Secondly, when you read any good review about any transport company - it is potentially a review about us.

And any bad review about us is not really about us - its a bad review about 'them'.

Why? Because 'they are us' and 'we are them'.

Most of the transport jobs you book with us are carried out by exactly the same small, medium and large removalists and transport companies that do everyone's jobs.

and here: Frequently asked Questions, in particular:
Can you prove you are any good? YES !! We can. 4.87 stars out of 5 .

Here are some screenshots. These are from our contractor files.

The 20 contractors below have done 22,019 jobs, resulting in 592 claims between them.

That's a claim rate of 2.6 per hundred. On that basis over 97.4 jobs out of 100 have no claims.

Actually however, its even less than that. Please Read on!

When a claim is reported it is recorded immediately - even if its later found that nothing was wrong.

That means if someone reports some missing bed screws and we tell them they are back in the old bed holes or in a chest of drawers, it will already have been reported as a claim for a missing item. Or if we've repacked a burst garbage bag into a box and the client doesn't notice that they have an extra box until after they call us, then it has already been recorded as a claim. Or if it is subsequently discovered that the person at the pickup end didn't send the item, it's still a claim on the list, as are cases where items go missing because they haven't been labeled with a name or address.

Similarly items that are reported as damaged even though they were already damaged, or because they were inherently susceptible to damage because of the way they were packaged or constructed, are all recorded as claims. Big IKEA style wardrobes for example, where the staples may pop out of the back of them as soon as you pick them up or even try to move them.

With at least 97.4 out of 100 jobs being completed without a phone call making a claim, we award ourselves the equivalent in stars. 4.87 out of 5 stars.

7268 jobs 182 claims* since 1996
940 jobs 15 claims* since 2006
411 jobs 10 claims* since 2000
387 jobs 14 claims* since 2005
4445 jobs 129 claims* since 2010
5782 jobs 143 claims* since 2010
909 jobs 24 claims* since 2004
861 jobs 12 claims* since 2010
901 jobs 9 claims* since 2009
1881 jobs 74 claims* since 2001
172 jobs 5 claims* since 2016
213 jobs 8 claims* since 2014
490 jobs 18 claims* since 2016
2954 jobs 78 claims* since 2004
1057 jobs 31 claims* since 2011
3655 jobs 114 claims* since 2007
5782 jobs 143 claims* since 2010

(*'claims': many claims aren't really claims. Plese read explanation in this section.)

These claim rates are for damages and misdelivered items combined.

In reality its about 50/50 so its shows about 1.5% alleged damages and 1.5% alleged misdelivered items.

When looking about these results you need to know a little bit more about how these figures were derived.

The claims listings include major disaster claims like when a truck is in an accident, which can result in multiple claims from the one incident.

Furthermore overall in the long run claims are distance related. The further something is moved, the longer the journey and so the greater risk of an occurrence that could result in a claim. A contractor with a low claim rate is likely to just be doing Melbourne - Adelaide, and the highest claim rates will be connected with WA.

Btw, in case anyone's wondering, blowouts and blowouts per job refer to when contractors report that clients have more than they say they'll have.

And lastly - those claim rates are really really good overall.

Some time ago, before we realised what was really achievable, we used a company on the Gold coast with 35 years experience for a lot of the work.
Here are the figures they were getting with us. A claim rate for damages and missing items of over 6%. More than twice as many claims as for the average for jobs booked with us.

14276 jobs 859 'claims' since 2001
229 jobs 26 claims since 2004
134 jobs 14 claims since 2002

That's how we know our service is so good.

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What is far more important at this point is to have a good look at the so called 'review' system that has sprung up out of no-where in this age of google and present some commentary about what it really is:
The Star Rating system and Reviews

The Star Rating and Review system - trickery of the finest kind.

What is a reviewer ?

A reviewer is someone who is an expert in a field. Restaurants, Cars, Movies, Games, Guns, Airlines, Computers, anything. That expert then compares, reports and writes about whatever is happening in their field of expertise.

A reviewer is not someone who sits down and writes down anything and everything that's wrong with a thing, writes nothing about what might be good with a thing, and who has probably never come across that thing nor anything else to compare it with before.

Otherwise you would have architectural reviewers complaining that a building was disgusting as it didn't spin around to follow the sun, or movie critics who had never seen a film objecting that the credits at the end went for 10 minutes which devastated their experience because nothing else happened after that.

A keyboard warrior, troll type person is not a reviewer. A first time user is not a reviewer, and an angry person is not a reviewer.

And the Star Rating System ?

When you've had a nice meal in a restaurant or take away, you thank the staff and say goodbye.

You may tip them and thank the chef as well. Then you walk out of the restaurant and your done with it.

You might even come back. Next month, next year or in 10 years time because its the only thing you still remember about a City you once visited.

Probably a restaurant might have 100 customers like that a day. And why wouldn't it. Its there to serve meals and it wants repeat business and it wouldn't want to deliberately antagonise anyone.

At the end of the month - maybe 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 happy clients. Some might come in every day. It happens all the time.

Our local kebab shop ... they deliver the same HSP with 'super super well burnt chips' as a special request ... to the same bloke every Friday night. And how many 'Stars' does it get ?

So far quite likely none.

Just the same happy customers.

Eventually for some reason or other, someone is going to be unhappy.

It happens and it doesn't take much ... it might just be a 40 minute delay for a pizza delivery on a super busy day.

So that person gets annoyed. They think the world is coming to an end because their meal hasn't arrived yet. And the brain, being a wonderful thing, comes up with an instant solution. It can get revenge whilst its waiting remembers the review sites, and off it goes, putting words like horrible, disgusting and horrendous out there on the internet.

That person forgets to mention the apocalyptic hail storm outside that's brought all traffic to a halt.

Then they tip the driver when the pizza arrives and next week they'll order again.

(And yes. They've bad reviewed the Kebab shop instead of the Pizza shop next door this time .. but never mind ... a shop's a shop.).

Meanwhile if the restaurant's had no reviews - bingo its in luck big time (Not)!!

Overnight this restaurant has become 100% bad. One out of one bad reviews.

So people stop coming to it even though the food's still great and people haven't changed and its got great views. Even the regulars think twice. Maybe something's changed, they worry.

Then the owner starts thinking: 'Well if that's what they think I'll use rabbit in my beef instead of the lamb - that's all they deserve'. So if you start to wonder why the food's gotten bad now, you can trace it back to Mr pizza man and that review site's owners. 'If they are going to write that about us, we may as well not bother fixing problems no more. What's the point they are just going to write a bad review anyway... so I won't get more customers no matter how hard I try. So probably I should start mixing in some worms in the food as well'.

And its the same with transport providers, removalists and any other service provider or product.

Even Doctors and dentists now.

Why be a Doctor? You now get the best Doctors - those that try their hardest for their sickest patients - and then someone writes something mean. It won't be long before they - and all their colleagues - will ask 'Why bother ??' And in fact we may already have reached that stage. Think about it.

What's happening in hospitals more and more? You get there, seriously injured, into emergency and there you stay.. until you've bled to death or finished you're heart attack and died. Because no-one gives a stuff anymore. The Doctors are all out the back having a smoke, and the nurses are pissed orf because now with 'me too hash tag', no Doctor will come within a mile of them.

But back to the main point:

No-one counts the satisfaction of clients who express their gratitude to the removalist guys in person with a big thank you, free Maccas, a tip, or by helping unload even though they don't have to.

There are no stars and no good reviews for doing your job perfectly 100%.

No-one scores any Stars when clients contact the office to thank the guys, or when they ask the guys to thank us in the office.

No one records a plus point when clients that say nothing and just use the service again next time they move.

These 100% satisfied clients will almost certainly NOT go on and lodge a review on a review site.

Even if they felt like it, most would soon be put off by the cumbersome sign in procedure.

Despite all that quite a few clients have actually logged in here or there and written something good - and our most sincere thank you to them !!

The important thing to realise is that the Star system is not a rating system and a user based review system is not a review system.

They are a straight out defamation machine, and its defamation thats first and foremost inspired by and encouraged by the review sites themselves. Its a very clever idea, a money making machine cunningly disguised as a consumer service and the recently re-discovered doctrine of name and shame.

The reality is that naming and shaming has the opposite effect to that which its proponents (at least outwardly) say it is intended to have. It makes people worse not better.

Label someone a criminal at age 17 and what does their mind tell them that they've become? A criminal! Might as well burgle that house or steal that guy's phone - I'm a criminal anyway, is what they'll be thinking.

This is something would know deep down. But they really just like the idea because it gives them the chance to legitimately torment another human, whilst simultaneously basking in the glory of being holier than thou.

Its a wonder the more intelligent outlets like google itself or the yellow pages will publish these so called reviews. Do they really expect businesses to pay good money for Advertisements and then allow a bad review to be published right next to them ?

Whilst the socialist thought leaders still crow about its positive impact on customer experiences, this naming and shaming is now happening to everyone in every industry, and the result is not good. But it'll take another 10 years or so before everyone really starts to realise that the results have already started to filter through.

In the meantime we have decided to take them all down - these so called reviewer sites. Lets start by naming them all and shaming them all and those who are behind them:

If you've been defamed please contact us by email, preferably with links to the defamatory sections of their sites.

If you are a company with less than 6 employees you are particularly important as you will have standing to sue.

We're preparing a case against all of them, and if we act as a team we'll have more chance of success.

Lastly, to any individual that has actually posted a review, be warned that that your days are numbered. A considerable body of case law is building up against the practice, and the longer your articles are out there, the greater the defamation.

We will be targetting both reviewers and review sites in the near future. However we offer a moratorium to anyone who manages to get their reviews removed before we commence this project in ernest.

ABC News: before-you-write-that-scathing-online-review-beware-defamation

ABC News: you can defame someone with a simple text message

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Now Here are some typical 'reviews':

We chose the following reviews at random. These are not about us, but they might as well be. Some of the 'reviewed' companies we know of and some we don't. The ones we know of are all good companies IOHO.

Review 1.

absolutely rubbish choice.
I used [it] to move from Perth to Melbourne we wanted to send our furniture earlier than us and we called this company and we talked to Graham(?)before taking money he sound like there is no problem about sending our furniture in advance and arriving in exactly day but after all in Melbourne it ended up we had to arrange someone to be at home and also it didn't arrive in the day that they promised so we had to pay more for accommodation.

I really regret using this company

Our comment: Its probably not their fault. The rail companies are terrible and accountable to no one. They have a monopoly now, even though they guaranteed the government that wouldn't happen. Every few months when go to a terminal to pickup a container that their computer system says is there, its not. $250 wasted. All customers waiting at home have to be re-contacted. etc etc. 'container still in Adelaide or where-ever'. And sending it can be just as bad. Suddenly the rail compnay gets all booked up for a week or two and there's nothing you can do.

Review 2.

[xxxx] handled my move from Melbourne to Perth. Two container loads of goods loaded without any damage. Guys arrived on time for the pick up. Friendly staff who explained how they planned to move my belongings. Job done quicker than I expected. No issues with this company and would use them again.

Review 3.

We had occasion to use [XXXX] Removalist's in our move from NSW to Rosebud, Victoria. They picked our belongings on the 12th December 2017 and delivered the next day to Rosebud.

Our settlement had been delayed due to conveyancing incompetence, the boys had arrived at 12pm our settlement was set back to 3pm on a 35 degree day.Our removalist's Chris and Joe never complained and in fact stayed with us in the heat making sure that we were stowed away safely..I cannot begin to tell you how much of a huge relief they were in an otherwise completely chaotic day.

Comment: Great but no different to what most other decent human beings would do. It all depends on the drivers on the day a bit, but also what other commitments they have. They may have just wanted to stretch out their day and not do another job. Being paid $200 in wages whilst doing nothing isn't so bad for the drivers. Probably next year they won't have a job because their company will have gone broke.

Review 4.

3 quick reviews, all about the same company:

Great service, the staff were so helpful and the removalists were brilliant.

Absolutely horrendous customer service from management/owner.

I would highly recommend your company to future customers.

Comment: Looks like two by the company and the middle one from a consumer terrorist of some sort. And that's what they are all like 100s and 1000s of them.

Look at reviews about removalists in Britain,USA or Canada..... All the same.

When we last looked in 2016 Kents had a few bad ones but it looks like they may have someone working full time on this stuff now so you need to go back a few pages to find them.


Its ludicrous. The time and cost involved should be devoted by the business to the business and in not in counter terrorist activities.

No sane government should allow it - but then they allow telephone canvassing without any real restrictions, an rail monopolys and the nbn and .... OMG to go on could take million words.

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Getting good reviews takes a lot of hard work - and its not about good service

We wrote earlier about the restaurant and how very satisfied diners will walk out and go home without ever leaving a good review.

The reviews simply don't happen on their own. They take work.

If every diner was given a survey sheet after the meal and asked to stuff it into a collection box on the way out ---- then the business would most certainly get reviews. Or if their pay station was logged into a review site or sites and they asked each customer to leave a quick review there and then - it would happen. It can be done.

But it takes work. And it will capture the praise of the silent majority.

We know that ourselves. Until a few years ago we would mail a survey letter to every client after the job, and the responses were overwhelming positive.

See testimonials here: Testimonials (We only stopped when Australia Post stopped their Reply Paid service).

Getting Stars and good web based reviews in the modern era is also hard work. It takes a lot of time money and effort.

Apparently even Amazon is contacting people and offering incentives to leave good reviews.

It's common for our competitors to counter bad review with enough good ones to push the bad ones down out of sight. They either place them themselves or use other deceitful means.

They may be written by the site owners or theirs friends and family or for a fee by a good review service overseas and they usually go like this: 'Fantastic service ! Couldn't recommend Lucy and Joel highly enough. will certainly use them again ...will recommend ...highly ..great.. fantastic..'

And its highly illegal too.false-or-misleading-online-testimonials

The more genuine ones are written by real customers who are incentivised by some offer like a discount next time round.

The only way for a business to shine on a these pseudo review sites is to devote vast resources into monitoring what gets uploaded there, and then having networks in place to post counter reviews to push all bad ones back down the list.

For our part we've decided not to get on the review/star ratings chase treadmill.

Just like we don't pay for advertising on google, we aren't going to pay to the review system.

And finally we'd just like to add, when you see good reviews about us, they really are the real thing.

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Bad Reviews are Mad Reviews

The Fairfax Newspapers had an article recently where they spoke to Restauranteurs about online reviews.

This is what they said:

One Melbourne chef, who asked not to be named, has been on the receiving end of a few bad reviews, and while she doesn't want to comment on [xxxxx's] case, says she understands why a restaurant owner would want to hit back.

vancouvers-rumpus-room-restaurant reviews client back

I've had customers post reviews saying that my pasta tastes like shit. That they found rat droppings in their salads. Stuff that is just absolutely not true.

Our restaurant is consistently reviewed well by actual reviewers, and it drives me nuts to see these people - who don't have to provide any evidence, by the way, that they even set foot in my place - write damaging lies about my work. My team and I work so hard, and we just don't deserve it.

And while most chefs agree that customers have the right to report on negative experiences, it's tricky for readers to know whether a particular restaurant or meal was definitively bad, or whether it simply wasn't to that customer's taste.

As [xxx] [xxx], executive chef at Sydney's [xxxx] and [xxxxx], says, 'Nobody likes a bad review, but especially one from someone who is a complete unknown'.

Reviews from critics are different, he says - they are trained to give an unbiased, objective view. Keyboard warriors (my term, not his) are not. But, he admits, 'it's the game we're in. We rely on the internet for so many aspects of life, and this is just another one. It's not always bad or vindictive, and sometimes customers genuinely have had a bad experience and just want to let you know. That, I'm OK with'.

One of these commentators makes a good point - she says they don't even need to prove they dined there.

There are a lot of companies out there with names similar ours, and there are plenty of reviews out there critical of us for jobs we had absolutely nothing to do with.

What's more if you're a competitor there's nothing that's more fun than to have a few beers, log onto a review site and go to town on their rivals' service one Saturday night.

Here is how a bad review comes about.
Who are the reviewers?

Seen any unfavourable reviews about us? Or about anyone else for that matter?

Here's how they come about:

Child: I want an ice cream Mummy

Mother: No

Bystander:Thinks What an evil mummy

Child: But I want an Ice creeeam.... mummmy!!!
Why can't I have an ice cream ? You are eating an ice cream mummy

Mother: No, you've already had two ice creams today.

I tried to have one this morning when you had your first one but you stuck your spoon in it and flicked it on the ground. I tried to have one at lunchtime when you had your second one but I had no money left to buy one. I spent my last few pennies on you, Ritmeester darling. .

Bystander: Thinks: OIC - maybe she's not so evil.

Child: I want one mummy, Want want want now now. Please mummy I'm really hungry.

Mother: No you've already had 2 ice creams.

Child: ... Pulls table cloth down from table - all plates fall on floor 'Give me another ice cream mummy, I NEED now now.. I didn't like the other ones. I need a new one .......'

Mother: So mummy gives the child another ice cream. That way the quietness is back and the peace restored.

20 years later:

Child now 24 to removalist: I want to pay when you deliver. Not on pickup.

Business: No.

Child now 24: I want to pay when you deliver. Not on pickup. How do I know I will get my stuff ?

Business: Well you don't know if an airplane will deliver you to the other end in one piece but you still pay that in advance. And you have to pay for yor train ticket before you get on, And you don't pay for a concert after its finished. And you don't pay for a movie after you've watched it. But Ok.

Business: Thinks - how do we know you will have the money when we get there ? And your credit card will get stolen the night before delivery won't it. Yes it will! It always does!

Child now 24: I want free cartons.

Business: Ok .

On day of pickup ---

Child now 24: I want you to take all this extra stuff.

Business: That's gonna be an extra $300.

[Btw: We aren't pedantic about a little bit of extra stuff. There can be a bit of give and take. Its only when people are deliberately overstepping the mark that is becomes an issue.]

Child now 24: WHATTTTT ? No. I'm not paying. That is a RIPP _OFF-off ... you guys already quoted me.

Business: Yeah, like that was for the stuff on the list not the extra 18 boxes, six suitcases, the 10 stripy bags that are twice the size of a standard stripy bag and the 7 cartons as big as washing machines (that you put on the list as small archive cartons), the wall unit that you told the office was only little but its 4 metres long and 2.4 high and the parrot on a stick. That's why it costs more.

Child now 24: Your company. you suck. Youse are the worst business I ever dealt with.

Business: Hey what about like you go to a shop and ask how much for 3 milk cartons. The dude says $3. Do you expect to walk out with 5 cartons instead, screaming you quoted me $3 ? You think they would let you ?

Would you expect to get another 2 kg extra over the 7 kg baggage allowance into a Jetstar Qantas Virgin Tiger flight and get way with it without paying more ??

(Getting angry) Why do we as removalists have to take half ya house for free ? Jeez we only arst $300 extra. Thats 300 postage stamps but you sure got more than the weight of 300 extra letters worth ! Thats what lawyers charges for an half an hour sitting at a desk and we gonna spend an hour loading it, and hour unloading it and 2 days driving it to the other end with it as well.

Child now 24: ..Ok here's my credit card.

Child: Thinks i'll just go to bank and get it reversed.

Business: Thinks: Well nah you just gonna get it reversed.

Business: You have to pay cash for the extra, person, or go and do an EFT deposit.

Child now 24: - f..k youse are a...holes- wait till I get in facebook tonight. F..k i'll put it on product review - then that'll cost youse big bucks to get rid of it .

Child: That night: writes:

Never use those removalists. They were like two clowns walking around in my house. One of them walked backwards half the time. Man they ripped me off. They refused to deliver my furniture until I paid nearly double what they quoted me. They were there for ages loading it

(Yeah so it could be moved without breaking it) They was hopeless ....

and so it goes on.....yeeahhh...

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And here is the real story behind one of our customers who - as we were loading - trotted along behind the guys from the house to the truck on every single trip out and back again all afternoon. A bizarre activity that no-one normally ever does... so its probably no surprise that it lead to this: posted this everywhere so he's obviuosly expecting a reply. Its about his removal from Craigieburn Victoria to Marybourough Queensland in June 2014.

Initially as a sale point of view they were good. Once they got the business and issued the quote and payment was done then they shown their true color. I approached to move from VIC to QLD.

After payment was completed whatever they told never happened. The customer service is very rude. Delivery supposed to be on Monday and came on Saturday. Every time I call customer service they told me to send an email and no reply.

The delivery truck on other hand they don't work for backload and are not happy to talk about backload.

Customer service are not ready to listen. Last funny thing they sent me was one more invoice saying that I have to pay.

This is what really happened:

We don't often respond to this stuff - in fact we never have before - otherwise we wouldn't get any work done as the debate would start to take on the inevitable life of its own.

Or we'd be employing someone full time to respond to it - which would be another $1000 per week we would have to pass on to our client's in the end.

Anyway, we've decided we would respond to this one as we were there in person at pickup. so we are familiar with the case, so to speak.

When we arrived, the client explained that another removalist had already packed the cartons. For some reason that was never made clear, the other removalist had decided not to proceed with the job.

There are some obvious explanations for this.

One is that they may have had enough of him by the time they were finished with the pre-pack.

It was a strange job to do.

Every time one of us walked out of the house with a box or anything else we were loading, he followed us out and every time we walked back in he followed us back in. It got a bit creepy after a while.

Another explanation may have been that he was doing a runner. Sneaking the job out before he paid the other removalists for their pre-packing.

Who knows.

Anyway - the prepack itself left a lot to be desired . Mainly because the removalists that packed it - [xxx] moves from Victoria - had filled a heap of large standard tea chest sized cartons with books, making them far to heavy for one man to carry and extremely vulnerable to bursting open somewhere along the way or during the loading and unloading phase.

The client was a Tamil guy from India. We tried to make polite conversation as we've had some great Tamil guys working for us in the past and some of us speak a few words of Tamil. That's another reason why we find this so annoying.

The crux of the problem however was that he gave us a list of things to move and also said someone had told him it was 10 Cubic metres.

On our calculations his list came to 12 cubic metres and we arrived with about 12 cubic metres of space on the truck. Not much room for error but looking at his list it should have fitted easily.

The list we took down had been emailed to him in the usual manner with the quote, so that it could be double checked even before he booked it:

Item List:

Carton -Book 40x40x30 cm & similar size: 1
Carton -Standard 40x40x60cm: 10
Carton -TV size (60x60x50 cm) or similar size: 2
Basket, Bin, Ironing Board or Esky: 2
Double, Queen or Futon Bed: 2
Bike, Excercise Bike, Mini Tramp: 1
Bookshelf or Bookcase: 1
Chair or Stool (Kitchen or Dining): 6
Chair - Office: 2
Filing Cabinet: 1
Fridge: 1
Lamp: 1
Microwave: 1
Cupboard-Pantry to 900mm wide: 1
Personal Computer (incls printer ): 1
Table - Large. 1.21 to 2.0 Mtr: 1
Trunk or Glory Box: 3
TV (may include VCR): 1
Washing Machine 1

[Underneath the list, like all our emails, the email said:]

Please note: It is important that you give us a correct and full description of goods to be carried.
For fixed price jobs the list of items is critical to the price.

However in addition, the client asked us to load the following (This is an extract from the letter we sent him afterwards):

The 2 x air coolers in the back room.
The stand for the air cooler in the back room.
The large 1800 high buffet unit in the lounge room, that was then loaded onto the left hand wall of the truck.
The large 1800 long heavy TV/entertainment unit that was in your lounge room.
The microwave cupboard.
The gym set of weights - approx 100 kg.
The 10 extra suitcases and bags that you sent.
1 x Fan.
1 x Heater.
The 10 or more additional book cartons that were sent in addition to the single one that was listed.
And all the plastic tubs.
And the clothes dryer and additional computer printer.

We tried our best to make it fit, and three of us were there for about over 3.5 to 4 hours, when it should have taken 2.5 hours. We missed out on the lounge suite and it was fortunate that we had another little truck on site that we could at least get the pickup all done in one hit. The reason why his delivery was 'late' was because the lounge that didn't fit had to go to Brisbane and meet up with the first part of the job so that the final leg of the journey the Maryborough which is another 180 km away, could be undertaken as a single trip.

Afterwards he's gone on social media rampage -meaning: looks like every review site he could find - calling us idiots.

He cancelled his credit card to try and avoid paying the extra, and told the driver who delivered it we were idiots.

Well we probably were idiots but not for the reasons he's suggesting. Whatever we charged him extra was nowhere near enough to cover the costs. We were just trying to be nice and kept it down as a matter of fact. That also why we tried so hard to make it fit in the first place.

As usual - the more we get blamed for an unsatisfactory result - the more likely it is that it was not our fault.

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The vast majority of removalists are all good people who enjoy their work tremendously, because of the variety, the healthy lifestyle and many other factors. They take pride in doing a good job, and the companies behind them similarly try very hard to ensure all jobs go as close to customer's expectations as possible.

The internet has given an outlet to those people who have gotten everything their own way in life from the get-go by stamping their feet and screeching 'parent person: I. Want. It.'

No matter how hard you try, they are going to make a vindictive attack on every service provider they go to whenever they want for something.

These internet 'reviewers' are usually some type of mad demented person before they even start. At best you can call them a consumer terrorist.

The unfavourable reviews in blogs, social media campaigns and other web based outlets, are placed by people that know full well that they are asking for something that they are not entitled to have.

So they are angry, and off they go, bending the story a little here and there so that they can still keep believing they are telling the complete and utter truth, but hiding and omitting all of the fine detail so that no-one gets the full picture about what a fantastic service or product they really had. >

People are smart, and the malicious words really start to flow once they set pen to paper.

Other forms of of consumer terrorism that fall into the same category are threats to take their story to current affairs, the ACCC, the consumer ombudsman whatever that is or to bring the case to the attention of the relevant consumer affairs bureau and or a small claims tribunal, when all you are usually doing is asking them to pay the cost of the extra 20% or whatever goods they've told the driver to load.

Look at product make a comment on this site a user needs to first go through a quite lengthy sign in procedure.In our view not many will bother if they want to make a positive comment. (Although some of our clients have)

Only people with a deep desire to troll a business with a negative review will make the effort. (And Remember: If they had a genuine claim they could easily pursue it through NCAT QCAT VCAT or any of the other State or Territory consumer tribunals).

As Sutton says, 'they're multiplying': 'Are you noticing more and more awful behaviour? That could be thanks to the faceless internet', Sutton says. 'There's so much evidence - experimental evidence, field studies - that when you don't have eye contact with someone ... you are more likely to slam them, to be less empathetic, to be less generous,' he says.

With social media, with Twitter, all of these different technologies that we use, we have more and more communication, including within organisations, email, that is not face-to-face. Anyone can publish whatever they like!

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If you are a business thats had bad reviews feel free to link to this site.

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