Handy Hints

To try and prevent any mishaps that may disrupt the smooth progress of your removal the following hints are designed to assist you every step of the way:
Before you book:
1Retain the Quote Reference Number on your Quote for speedy reference by our staff. This number will also become your Booking Number.
2Check the inventory on your Quote. Our pricing is based on the items listed there. If you change this list, we can change the price for you. If you REDUCE the list, we can reduce the price provided this is notified to us before the day the removal is due for pickup. After that the space will have been set aside for your job and reducing the list will not normally reduce the price.
3Consider our Transit Protection Options (TP Options). Your Furniture is exposed to a far greater degree of risk from uncontrollable factors whilst it is in transit than it is when sitting safely in your home.

When you book:
1Please give us ALL of your contact numbers: Home, Work and Mobile.

We will need at least one contact number for the person that will be present at then pickup address and one for the person that will be present at the delivery address before we can accept your booking. It is very important that we be given the number of the person than will be 'on site'. If you just give us just your own number and you are not going to be there, there are any number of issues that may arise, possibly resulting in a futile attempt to collect or deliver a consignment.
2Advise us of any access issues, such as clearways, long walks, lifts or above ground floor pickups. Our price may need adjusting, but it is better to resolve this now than on the day of pickup.

Packing your cartons:
1Start packing early. Packing may take longer than you think .
2Use thick cartons that can't be crushed and that have lids; not supermarket boxes. Plastic tubs are brittle and breakable and cannot be guaranteed to survive intact. If you can crush the carton by pushing down on it, it will be too thin to protect it's contents. Stripy bags and suitcases are OK for clothing. If you decide to use garbage bags, put each bag inside another one for added strength - but they still often break open. Standard sized removalists cartons and book cartons offer the best protection.
3Pack everything that can be boxed into a carton. Loose items are more exposed to loss or damage and can be problematic to load. Use cartons for lampshades, small plants, trampoline mats and gym weights.
4Lampshades are often very beautiful and very fragile. If they are not packed in a box we cannot ensure their safe arrival. If the removalists pack a lampshade in a blanket, it could get crushed by the weight of the blanket. On the other hand leaving it loose on top of something else exposes them to risk of damage as well.
5Use butcher's paper if affordable. Newspaper may leave dark rub-marks on your goods. Line the bottom and sides of cartons containing breakables with ample crushed up paper. Also, fill any space gaps in a carton with crushed paper.
6Plates: Pack into bundles of 5, each plate being separated by a sheet of paper. Wrap the overhanging paper around the bundled plates and place each bundle on its edge in the carton.
7Crockery/Glasses: Wrap each piece individually and place upside down in the carton.
8Tape the top and bottom of the cartons using proper packing tape. Do not use masking tape, as it stretches and tears and falls off.
9Use (strong) book/wine size (30 x 40 X40 cm) cartons for heavy items such as books and gym set weights. Max recommended carton weight: 15 Kg.
10Label cartons with your job number, name, destination suburb and destination room eg: ST219MM Miller Brighton - Kitchen.
11At the removalists' school the test for a properly packed carton is to be able to drop it from a 2 metre height without breakage. Try to pack your cartons to withstand that sort of impact. (Test them as you go !)
12We can pack the cartons for you if this is arranged in advance. Prepacking Services can be priced for you as part of the 'Booking' option on the web site.

Preparing other items:
1Dismantle any self assemble type furniture. Also dismantle swings, trampolines, garden sheds, TV aerials, bed-ends and other items that can be broken down or that will not fit through doorways.
2Empty fuel from mowers, whipper snippers and other motorised machinery.
2We have been instructed by regulatory authorities that we are not to transport Gas bottles under any circumstances. Please return your Gas bottles to a local exchange centre. You can pick up the exchange bottle at the delivery end.
3Clean BBQ surfaces of grease so that it doesn't rub off onto your belongings. Please also clean lawn mowers and catchers of grass clippings. For transits to WA it is mandatory that mowers and whipper snippers etc be spotless(!) due to strictly enforced quarantine regulations.
4Take the knobs off cupboards and chests of drawers. You may find it handy to screw them back on, on the inside, so they won't get lost.
6Paints and other liquids: We cannot carry such items, due to the disastrous consequences for the other goods in the load if the containers burst open whilst in transit.
7Garden tools: Please tape into bundles of no more than 5.
8Motor Bikes: Don't lock the handles and please remove mirrors and drain the fuel.
9Cupboards, wardrobes, dressers and chests of drawers: Please leave empty or they may split open whilst in transit, due to the additional weight.
10Home entertainment: Disconnect and pack cables.
11Fridge and Freezer: Defrost and wipe all compartments.
12TVs and Computer monitors: Please do your best to have these boxed prior to pick up. If you don't have the original box, TV cartons can usually be purchased form self storage facilities.

If you don't have the original packing don't stress. We will wrap them in blankets.

In all cases it is wise to unfasten the stand so that it doesn't snap off in transit.
13Washing machines: Disconnect them from taps and follow any manufacturer's shipping instructions to prevent the bowl from moving whilst in transit. Some washing machine models have transit bolts that are removed at the time of installation. They will need to be replaced prior to transport.
14Filing Cabinets: Please ensure the contents have been removed and packed into boxes. If you lock them please make sure you leave the key in case we need to take out the drawers.
15Photocopiers: Follow manufacturers' shipping instructions and secure internals as required
16Bikes: loosen handlebars and twist into the same direction as the frame where if possible. That will help when wrapping them in blankets.
17Pictures: Slip large pictures and prints into a picture carton or an 'envelope' formed by a flattened a standard carton and then taping it along one edge. Glass is inherently fragile and needs as much protection as possible.
18Microwaves: Take out the rotation plate and pack it separately. (Try not to break it!)
Some very Important Hints:
2Don't move your goods outside to help the driver if the truck is not there yet. If an unforeseen delay occurs (eg: accident), you may have an additional unwelcome problem to deal with.
3Have someone check that nothing is left behind. If you need us to send another truck for any forgotten item, a minimum charge of $248 will apply, even if the item was on your list. (So many people change their list at the last minute, that your removalists won't think twice if something that's listed is not actually sent.) $248 will barely cover the cost of 2 men returning for the collection, let alone the cost of potentially a second trip at the delivery end.
4Take anything you need for your own trip - such as airline tickets and passports - before the removalists arrive so that they are not accidentally loaded onto the truck.
5Park two well spaced cars out the front of your home to reserve a spot for the removal truck. Approx 18 Metres required.
6Advise us of a contact address if your goods are to be stored, if only so that we can keep sending you invoices.
7Water plants a few days before the move and not on the removal day, as the water may leak onto your belongings. (Note: Plants cannot be taken to WA and SA without written quarantine department authorisations. Also plants cannot be taken OUT of parts of South East QLD to prevent the spread of giant deadly radioactive fire ants).
8Please contactable by phone all the time from 7.00 am on pickup day, until the goods have been delivered. Please answer all calls especially 'private' calls during that time.
9If you need further advice, please call our friendly staff.
10Please take particular note of these last 10 hints.
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