A Guide to Moving to Sydney

Moving to Sydney

Sydney's is the second most beautiful Capital City in Australia, especially for those with a view of the water or rivers or parks. The new outer suburbs that are being built at present are also quite often very well laid out with beautiful wide boulevards and parks. Ideal places to establish oneself.

Like all Main Cities, Sydney is ruining itself by constructing a shitload of high-rises in the City and surrounds. Mainly for the export market it seems. Has anyone asked how the next generation is ever going to pull them down ? Or do they just stay there and fall over on top of each other once the steel in the concrete rusts and the structures weaken?

And what about the three or four story units? When people came from Europe in the 50s and 60's, they knew that you built them with bricks. That was so that when apartment 22 catches fire, it doesn't bring down all the other 40 apartments with it. Now they build them with wood. If you are thinking of moving into one, then DON'T.

Hi-rise living is supposed to be eco friendly. Maybe a few million one acre blocks with solar farms and vege gardens spread throughout regional Australia would be a much better option. Settle the Eyre Peninusla first - see how it goes.

Getting Around Sydney

Sydney's traffic problems are horrendous. Especially for trucks. It can take 45 minutes of manouvering to move from one address to another even when they are both in the same Suburb in places like Darlinghurst Randwick, Bondi and all the inner suburbs really