A Guide to Moving to Melbourne

Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne's ecomomy is booming but only because of the unprecedented rate of manufacture of apartments for export sale and government funded infrastructure projects like road and rail. Once this has all finished, expect massive unemployment and another mass exodus as there are few reasons for staying there in the long term. There is no longer any manufacturing to speak of and there is little natural beauty to drive any tourist industry in a big way.
Getting Around Melbourne

Melbourne's traffic problems are not quite as bad as Sydney's but they are still bad. The main Freeway into the city from the east finishes at a near dead end, and then funnels into a single lane near the Zoo on the way to the airport. Whilst politicians dither, a working bee of Eastern Suburbs concerned citizens with picks shovels and wheelbarrows could easily have fixed the problem by pulling down a few trees and adding a couple of extra lanes at that point. It could probably get done in about 4 weekends. (As long as it doesn't rain)