Important Info To Share With Your Removalist - Access Issues

The amount of time it's going to take to load and unload your furniture can be a major determinant of the total cost of your move. For this reason it is very important to discuss anything at the pickup or delivery address' (and indeed, around the area they're located in) that may slow down the loading and unloading process or require specialist equipment to complete. Addressing access issues prior to the big day will also help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your move is over as soon as possible.

You may not have considered or noticed any access issues in the past as many people never view it from a truck driver's perspective. With that in mind, when booking your removalist take the time to consider any potential issues that may occur at pickup or delivery. You may need to ask the agent who sold or leased the property you're moving into. If you're moving into, or out of, an apartment building make sure you discuss the requirements of the body corporate and convey this information to your removalist.

Some common access issues include:
  • Overhanging tress. Where a car usually enters easily, the truck cannot get access to the driveway meaning your furniture needs to be carried a greater distance from the street.

  • Moving into, or out of, apartment buildings. Ask the Body Corporate or apartment manager what restrictions apply to moving in or out. Some buildings only allow removals to take place during certain hours. They may require the use of an alternative elevator, which is sometimes of limited size and, on rare occasions, may ask that the elevator be lined with protective blankets to limit scuff marks. You may also be required to book this elevator for a limited period of time - so, a potential scenario might be that your removalist, who is travelling from interstate, has to turn up and deliver in a two hour period. There maybe be height restrictions in underground car parks that will prohibit a truck from entering. The Body Corporate may require forms detailing your removalist's insurance coverage before they'll permit the removalist access. Often - two, three or more of the above access issues are present within a single move.

  • No, or limited, parking. If parking is limited, get in early and park your cars in the spaces that the truck will need. If your removalist cannot park anywhere near the property in a truck they may need a smaller Ute, or similar, to ferry the goods to the property.

  • Terrain issues. There may be a steep incline, impassable mud, water or other obstacles on rough driveways or roads that may restrict a truck's access where an ordinary vehicle may get through. Such issues are frequently present in rural or mountain areas.

  • Settlement. When booking your removal consider what date you'll be able gain access to the property into which you'll be moving. Settlement may not occur by the time you furniture arrives. Consider this when you choose which date you'd like your goods picked up (in booking with us on the phone or online we'll inform you of usual transit times). Alternatively, you may wish to book your items into storage and have them delivered at a later date.

  • Truck size. On some streets, trucks are not permitted at all. On other streets or driveways certain trucks will be physically unable to enter, turn around, or exit. If a semi-trailer cannot gain access please let us know when booking your removal. Most trucks are smaller than this (most around the size of a garbage truck), but, on occasion, we may use larger trucks and even semi-trailers based on various factors (e.g. how much loading is available at the time or how far the goods are travelling). Truck size in interstate or inter-regional moves is not necessarily determined by the size of your load as you'll likely be on a truck carrying the goods of many clients. For these reasons at minimum you should let your removalist know if any size truck cannot gain access.

  • No lift, narrow stairs or doorways. In either a house or building with no lift present it may not physically be possible to carry large items up certain staircases or fit through doorways. A long couch, for example, may fit into your current single story house easily, but if you're moving into a flat on the fifth story with narrow stairs, will it be difficult or impossible for your removalist to navigate your couch up the turns in the staircase? There are many such scenarios that only you can provide your removalist with information about. Ask yourself, and then tell your removalist, if difficulty may be present in getting any item into or out of your residence. Your removalist has likely come up against the exact same problem and will have a myriad of solutions if you tell them early on. Alternatively, if possible, dismantling furniture like this before the removalist shows up will save time and keep things running smoothly.

This list explains just some access issues that you should inform your removalist of. Each property is unique and you're in a position to gain the best insights, so take the time to consider and discuss any potential access issues with your removalist before the big day. It'll make your move and the relationship that you have with your removalist all the better for it!

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