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Carton-Picture/Archive & similar size: Carton -Book 40x40x30 cm & similar size: Carton -Standard 40x40x60cm: Suitcase stripy bag luggage garbage bag: Carton -TV size (60x60x50 cm) or similar size:
Bedroom Kitchen & Storage Laundry & Office Loungeroom Outside & Other
Mirror (only) or Bedside Table: Kitchen Dresser or Buffet and Hutch: Basket, Bin, Ironing Board or Esky: Air Cooler or Conditioner: Kennel or Ladder or BBQ(Large-trolley):
Trunk or Glory Box: Chair or Stool (Kitchen or Dining): Vacuum cleaner or Sew machine: Arm Chair or Recliner: BBQ (Sm) or Surf Board or Golf Bag:
Chest of Drawers or Sewing Cabinet: Freezer: Clothes Dryer: Bar or Buffet or Crystal Cabinet: Bike, Excercise Bike, Mini Tramp:
Dressing Table: Fridge: Carpet to 3.6 Mtr Wide (Enter Lgth Mtrs): Bookshelf or Bookcase: Garden tools, brooms fishing rods (Bundles of 5)
Bedhead or Folding Bed: Microwave: Fan, Heater, Clock or Rug: Billiard Table: Outdoor Setting:
Single bed or a Mattress only: Table - Small - up to 1.2 Mtr: Fish tank & Stand: Coffee table or CD Rack: Motor Bike (per 450 cc):
Double, Queen or Futon Bed: Table - Large. 1.21 to 2.0 Mtr: Washing Machine Couch, divan, settee (2 or 3 seats): Mower, WSnipper or Wheelbarrow:
King Bed, Water Bed: Cupboard-Pantry to 900mm wide: Chair - Office: Lamp: Gym Set or Swing Set:
Set of Bunks: Wardrobe (per 1.2 Mtr section): Desk-Student or Computer: Piano(Upright) & Stool: Tool to 40x40x60 cm or Hose Reel:
Pram or Basinette: Entertainment Unit or TV Unit: Desk - Office: Organ & Stool: Trampoline (dismantled):
Toy-Large. Eg Cuddle toy : Wall Unit
(per 1.2 Mtr section):
Personal Computer (incls printer ): Stereo+Spkrs or TV Stand: Miscell Heavy Items
(Enter Weight in Kg)
Cot: Portarobe: Filing Cabinet: TV (may include VCR): Workbench or Industrial sew mach:
Special Items:
Items NOT listed above. If you cannot find your items or anything similar on ABOVE list please describe them here:
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3 Tonne
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